Muslim Wedding Photography

The photography dilemma before a Muslim wedding ceremony

When a religious couple wants to make their wedding day special, they need to plan well in advance to ensure the photography is done within the Muslim wedding traditions and customs.  Honouring the fact that there are many Muslim traditions that now host a wedding in London, photographers need to be well versed to offer their services to Muslim from all backgrounds; Whether an Arab, Pakistani, Bengali, Indian, Lebanese or Turkish.  Most people would believe Islamic wedding invitations no photography’, then a few days after the event we see the bride and groom showcased on tumbler and Instagram.  Traditional Muslim wedding dresses are very colourful, so it’s no wonder the bride that has pride wants to turn up in style and have heads turning.  But to show off a Muslim wedding style and her Muslim henna traditions, the bride needs a professional female Asian wedding photographer and not just the brides talented sister that works for a photography studio doing the booking-keeping.  

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Female photographers have refined skills in photography and understanding of Islamic wedding traditions; they will help a couple fee relaxed and special at the reception.  The result of their photoshoot is nothing short of an enchanting experience for the couple and provide heart-warming vibes for their special day.  Whether you are hosting your event in London, Manchester or Birmingham, be sure that there will be a female wedding photographer near you and if you cannot find one, then contact Majestic Photos Muslim wedding photography that follows the customs of Islamic wedding traditions.  We have many female wedding photographers in London, Birmingham and Manchester.  Our female photographers are very knowledgeable in this area and can share some of their valuable experience form past events; their candid style photography would have captured the best in Muslim, food, rings, gifts and even wedding vows.

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