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Wedding planning can be stressful. Have one less item to worry about when you choose us as your wedding photographers. We specialize in Asian weddings, Muslim weddings, and Indians weddings. We also offer VIP service, international concierge services, engagement photos, pre-ceremony photos, wedding ceremony photos, and reception photos. We are based in London, but will travel almost all over the UK, Europe and the Middle East to shoot your special day. We use a candid photography style to capture the most precious moments of your wedding day, moments that you will then be able to remember fondly with the help of our beautiful photos. We also do videography to help you relive your wedding day.

Unlike most wedding photographers who only work solo or with a partner, we are a team of highly skilled male and female photographers with years of experience. Having a team of experts at the ready on your wedding day ensures that no photo opportunity will be missed. We’ll have everything covered because we are a team rather than just one person.

The customs and traditions of your culture are important to us, and our team has the knowledge to maintain them.

Unlike freelance photographers that work on their own, we are an establishment with many skilful photographers that are available.  So, we are always available no matter what your wedding date is.  Due to a high demand for female photographers for Muslim wedding events, we have many female photographers that are talented for doing bridal photoshoot.  If you would like to hire a female photographer for your Muslim wedding event, then contact Majestic Photos here or call: 0774 656 225.

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