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Luxury Asian Wedding Photography Service

Majestic photos, a luxury boutique wedding photography company not only  serves clients across London but also covers most parts of the UK.  Several years of experience gained in Asian and Indian Shaadi photography has allowed us to help couples remember their blessed wedding day.  Such an important event requires the service of a photographer with a unique style of luxe photography.  Our photographers are master craftsmen who can capture the refined moments of each wedding event and curate a photobiography of the wedding which unfolds the  story of joyful times.

The Photographers at Majestic Photos have varied skills and knowledge, in fact they are CONNOISSEURS in THE ART OF EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY, which helps couples fondly remember their wedding day.  When the bride and groom walk up the opulent carpet and onto the stage, we are there ready to capture the best poses for creating elegant portraits of historic moments.

To ensure that we can cater for every special matrimonial event, our male photographers take most of the pictures, whilst female photographers assist with the bridal shots


Pre Wedding

Before the big event and the most important day of your life, it’s nice to get your pre-wedding photo shoot done. Why not look Majestic with your wedding clothes before th...

Pre Wedding

Pre Wedding

A Story of Your Wedding by Memories from Elegant Photos

If you are looking to make your wedding reception a DELUXE EVENT, then only the most skilful photographers can make it a reality and a day to remember.  Hire the best to ensure you get an exclusive experience to share.  When you want your wedding day to stand out in front of your friends and family, you can trust a high-end photography company specialising in ASIAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY.

Let’s make memories stay for ever by taking care of your photography.  Whether you need a best rated photographer for a Muslim marriage ceremony or an INDIAN SHAADI, we will make it a quintessential experience and provide supreme standards of quality.  Make your wedding registry, the most celebrated by hiring highly reviewed Asian photographers in the UK.  In return we shall make it an extraordinary MAJESTIC experience for you and you partner.  Make an advance booking for an Asian wedding photographer in London to reserve us for your special day.

let us tell a story of your WEDDING day with a photobiography.



Professional wedding photoshoot by highly skilled photographers.  Portraits, bride and groom, and family session.



Professional photo re-touching to ensure of a selection of your best photos. Our graphics expert will make your photos look outstanding.



Your finest selected photos will be added to our portfolio to create a photobiography of your joyful event.



Don't miss out on your oppotunity to get videography done, so shine under the spot light. Make your wedding day stand out and be the best.


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